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Consider a Donation

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, meaning your donations are tax deductible. Click on the boxes below to learn more! 

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EITC Designation

We have been recognized by the State of PA Department of Community and Economic Development, which enables Pennsylvania businesses to make contributions to education improvement organizations such as ours! 

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Farm's Needs List

Consider donating your time, skills, and talents to the farm. Or, visit our Tools and Supplies wishlist to consider your next tax deductible donation to the farm.

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Our Donors

Visit the page to learn more about the donors and grant funding organizations responsible for generously supporting the farm's educational and community-based initiatives. 

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Sponsor an Animal

Spend time interacting with an animal or give the gift of animal companionship to a loved one. Whether you can visit the farm or not, your tax deductible donation will go toward caring for that animal.

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