Come learn how to make Cheddar; mozzarella or chevre with us!  AM/ PM sessions  $80 per person, AM session only $45 per person.  Group rates available.  Call 610-838-2928 and ask for Kathy.


The most popular class has been the combination 30 minute mozzarella and cheddar.  In this class, we cover the following:  use of rennet, types of culture, both cow and goat milking in season, different cheese presses, hanging your curd, salting.  When you leave the class, you will have had hands-on experience with 2 different types of curd, whey, use of cheese press, how and why to salt cheese, where to purchase all the cultures and equipment necessary to start your own cheese making in your home. 


Look forward to making cheese with you and your friends and family!  Classes can be single to groups up to 10.  Please call for dates and times.

Gift Certificate- Cheese Class for AM Mozzarella

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