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As part of the Flint Hill Farm Education Center the Volunteer Program provides:

  • Opportunities for the Education and Personal Development of its Volunteers;

  • Opportunities for the Community to Participate and Contribute in tangible ways;

  • All of the Animals with the Love and Care they need.

The Importance of Volunteer Staff to the Farm:

The ‘Extra Hands’ that a volunteer staff provides not only makes the animals happier, but also makes possible a superior level of program quality enabling education center ‘students’ greater personalized attention, and freeing Board Members to invest their time and energies into the Management and Further Development of the Education Center. As our Vocational Program Director puts it, “Volunteers are not paid, because they are Priceless!”

LIVE: The Farm Environment of nature and community, physical outdoor work and the presence of animals, can make one feel alive and add to the quality of volunteer’s lives through friendships, fresh air, whole foods and exercise.

LEARN:  As part of the  ‘Education Center’ volunteers have the opportunity to learn much more than what the constant care of animals and farm includes: washing buckets, passing out hay, picking up manure etc.  High School and College age volunteers have the opportunity to learn about team work, communication skills, and leadership. Skills necessary for life and coveted by future employers.

When assisting with Education Center programs, volunteers will gain experience working with children, handicapped, elderly and the public.

As well as a continued opportunity to learn hands on about the care, health, and behavior of animals; I envision the development of workplace workshops to offer Volunteers and others at the farm in Communication and Relationship Skills, Emergency Response, Work place Ergonomics, and the like.

LEAD:  Seasoned volunteers will have the opportunity to train and mentor new volunteers.  A simple model for training will be offered:

I do, You Watch
We Do together
You do, I watch
You do.
You do, they watch...

AGE: There is work enough to share with everyone! Everyone can be an integral part of the farm.  For Example, even young children can help collect eggs, wash and put them in containers;  Walk young goats (that often squeeze through the fence) back to their mothers;  Collect and move stones to remove from pasture and garden and fill mud holes.

The list is endless…. But there is always a place for everyone.

Summary:  The Flint Hill Farm Volunteer Program is part of the Education Center. As such, it seeks to provide opportunity for personal development of its volunteers as well as the natural life enhancing effects of working together outdoors among animals and friends, down on the Farm.