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Sponsor an Animal

Give a gift of real adventure! We offer “Fun on the Farm” gift packages for all ages, as well as "Foster a Farm Friend" programs. Experience hands-on learning and receive your picture of your fostered farm animal and certificate with each gift.  

Can’t keep a goat, sheep, horse, or cow in your backyard, but always wanted to? Want to “try on” the farming experience without “buying the farm?” Foster a Farm Friend through the Flint Hill Farm Educational Center’s unique hands-on weekend or school break programs. You will experience hands-on care, feeding, and grooming between you and your fostered farm animal. One-to-one instruction provided. Minors require adult supervision. Picture and Friend Certificate accompanies each experience.

Foster a Farm Friend Options (must arrange times prior to visits to ensure availability) 


Don't have the time to visit, but would still like to sponsor one of your farm friends?  
Our special farm animals enrich the lives of our local school children and interact with mentally and physically challenged children and adults. They require care and feed year round. We are a non-profit, tax deductible corporation. DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS WECOME! Pick your Farm Friend and know you are helping that animal - $25.00 donation comes with picture of your animal and a certificate, $50.00 donation comes with a picture, stuffed animal, and certificate, $100.00 donation will purchase a donor's plaque on that animal's stall door.

Stressed? Need a Mental Health Day?  Come to the Farm! 

Research shows physical contact with animals CAN decrease blood pressure and stress. Our "Weekend Farmer" program is JUST what the DOCTOR ordered! No prior experience required. Activities are supervised by experienced farm worker - $50.00 program gives you 4 two-hour sessions with a farm animal of your choice. Experience the real joy of feeding, grooming, and caring for your “adopted” friend. The $100.00 program gives you 10 two-hour sessions with the farm animal of your choice. You will develop a “connection” with your “adopted” farm friend, become proficient with handling, feeding, grooming, and daily care. The $200.00 program gives you 25 two-hour sessions or extend your hours as desired. You will continue your relationship with your “adopted” farm friend with the option of getting to know and handle three different farm friends.

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