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Leigh`s blog

Hi my name is Leigh. I am a volunteer at Flint hill farm. I wanted to share with you some things I did. Some things I did were: feeding the horses, cows. bringing in the horses in feeding the chickens goats rabbits and pigs. I also got three hay bales and brought them into the goat and sheep barn. we got the cows, Marble, and Benjamin and brought them into there stalls/pens. The most exiting thing i got to do was give Iron injections tho the goats.

The first thing we did with the goats was check there eyes. if there eyes were white, then we gave them their oral medication (Cydection) and there iron injections. The goats that needed the medicine were the mother goats that had given birth. The fathers did not need it because they did not give birth. the first two goats got three cc`s. The rest of the goats got six cc`s, three cc`s on each side. To do all of this we brought the goats to the milking stands three at a time. After we gave them there median we let them into the out door pen. After we did all of the goats we brought them back into the indoor pen. That was a struggle. We did all of that for Barber pole worms witch are a deadly worm.

When you come to Flint hill farm be prepared to get a little muddy.

This is Leigh and today I am going to go into a little more depth about some tings I do. Today is going to be the chickens and cows

there are two things i do with the chickens. First I feed theme there pellets. I fill the bucket out side there pen with there food. then i bring it in and poor it into there three buckets. after i fill them up I check there water and put the bucket back. After that I go get the egg basket and collect there eggs. I get about a basket full. The last thing i do is wash the eggs let them air dry and put them in cartons to be sold.

In the morning the cows go out to a grassy field after they are milked. In the after noon there pen gets cleaned ant there buckets of mash go in there. on our way up to get the cows we check all of the waters. Near the end of the day they come back in. To get them you open the gates of both pens. Yo have to walk behind them to encureg them but they know where to go. Here`s a really good tip: don`t forget to close the gate of the pen they are in.

That`s all for now.

Around this time and earlier, there is a lot of new life on the farm. A little while back some chicks came to the farm. When i first saw them they looked like little fluff balls. Mow they are growing in there feathers. We are still keeping g a heat lamp in there pen, and we have to check there food and water twice every day. They are eating chick food right now.

the other baby animals are baby goats and sheep. The goats have been weaned, witch means they have been moved to solid food and a little bit of there mothers milk. They have been moved to there own pen now and we check there food and water every day. They get hay mash and a little bit of milk. The baby goats look like miniature versions of there parents. The lambs are still with there parents. They also look like little versions of there parents. the only difference is that they don`t have there big fleece yet.

When I first saw them it was cuteness overload!

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