Animal Science Internship - Madi

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Hi all! My name is Madison Busse, and I am a senior in college at the University of Findlay. I am from Ohio, so here at the farm I'm quite a ways away from home, but Kathy sure makes it worth it!

May 11, 2020: Today was day one for me, I had worked with sheep, cows, goats, and pigs at the University, but had never milked any kind of animal before. This morning, I got to watch as the cows were milked. Dottie, our newer milking cow, apparently likes to try to get you with her bodily functions! After she was done, I got to help, and even finish milking the goats and sheep! By the time afternoon milking came around. I was able to milk all the goats and sheep by myself, while Kathy did Dottie since she's still a little sensitive. I really had a memorable first day, and think I'm going to really enjoy my time here!

May 12. 2020: Day two! I milked goats and sheep again this morning, and then got to show some very nice families around! I didn't think I would enjoy spending time with families as much as I did, but it was very fun getting to show them around and answer as many questions as i could. After a much needed nap that Kathy had to wake me up from (OOPS!), I started our afternoon milking, and this time I got to milk Dottie all by myself. Aside from the occasional kick, she did very well, and didn't even try to dump any bodily fluids on me! Now I'd say that's progress.

May 13, 2020: This morning, after milking was done, I decided it was time to shear the sheep! I'd never sheared a sheep before, so it took me most of the day to just do one side of the poor girl. Decided to give her a break and come back to her tomorrow though! Unfortunately she kicked the electric shears into my hand and sliced my palm open, but that's the risk working with the animals, and I learned an important lesson, always wear gloves!

May 14. 2020: Today I finished shearing the sheep I started yesterday! No cuts, and it went much faster today. Now she's naked, but with this 80 degree weather we're supposed to be getting, she should feel much better. Another intern and I, Allie, worked together today to give Prohibit (a dewormer) to our goats as well. They didn't like it very much, but they'll be feeling much better soon. I also got to help Kathy harvest the herbs and hang them up to dry, as well as making chive and salt chevre, YUM! That one is definitely my favourite! I did have a bit of a moment when I took the girls back to pasture after PM milking, as Valentine decided she wanted to stop in the middle of the road away from her pasture, and stand firm. Kathy came up to help, and gave me plenty of support as I managed to herd Valentine back with her pals, VICTORY!

May 15, 2020: I started another sheep shearing this morning! Freckles, our black sheep, was the one I chose since not only did she have a lot of wool, she's black, so she'd get much hotter much faster. She's a little sensitive when it comes to being handled, so I got half way done and will be finishing tomorrow! As for the rest of the day, I'm redoing the flower beds around the blacksmith shop today, as they're a little messy!

May 17, 2020: After milking today,Kathy put me in touch with Kim, the woman who teaches our horseback riding classes. It's been a very long time since I rode a horse, almost five years to be exact. My horse passed away, so it was very hard for me to get back on, but Kim supported and helped me every step of the way, and I was able to comfortably ride Marble!