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Sarah - Exciting News!


My what a busy few weeks it has been! There's been some exciting developments that I am eager to share. This fall, thanks to the generosity of Kathy, I will be working as an intern on the farm while I continue my college journey. It is a wonderful opportunity to live here during my studies, getting to learn more about the inner workings of a farm while assisting in the upkeep of the animals. I've already had the chance to apply and teach some of what I have learned from my classes, so I ambitious to see what else is possible. This week we had a break from camp which I spent my time learning many of the tasks I will take on during my stay. I've gotten to practice milking the goats more as well! Things started out pretty slow as I adjusted to something very new to me, but as the week progressed I've already seen improvements (glad to have Laura with me to learn together). Hand milking was harder than I thought it would be at first but I hope to leave the farm a pro milker! Before coming here, I started to contemplate rasising goats and selling milk products in the future, and as I've gotten to experience more, it has strengthened my desire for this goal; although it is something I plan to wait on until I graduate college and find a place to settle.

I cannot wait to see what the rest of my stay here holds, it has already been an amazing experience and know I will grow from this and learn more about myself!

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